Jillian Evin
paintings and drawings

Chairman Harper

Acrylic on Canvas

20 x 30

Postcards available ($5) 4 x 6 inches

Fine art prints available ($25) 8 x 12 inches, archival, on matte paper

Chairman Harper

Earlier this year, Mr. Harper comissioned me to paint another official portrait that he could add to his massive gallery of paintings featuring his own face.

This image was painted as he sat on his balcony in what is left of his home province. His pet beaver, who almost never knows what's going on or where he's being carried off to, sat uncomfortably in his arms.

In keeping with his habitual way of dealing with his democratic citizens, he kept his lips sealed in a smirk the entire time and did not answer even the most cordial questions. We were occassionaly waited on by people in labcoats, but I was unable to speak with them as they were wearing muzzles.

While this was disconcerting, I very much appreciated the uncanny stiffness of Our Chairman's 'hair' as it was pleasant to paint, remaining invariably unaffected by the wind that day.

J Luc