Jillian Evin
paintings and drawings

Midnight Cafe

Oil on Canvas

4 x 4 feet

Original: $1000 (currently up at the Oxygen Art Market: see 'events')

Postcards available ($5) 5 x 5 inches

Fine art prints available ($25) 10 x 10 inches, archival, on matte paper

Midnight Cafe

This painting documents a very vivid dream I had in 2008. I dreamt I was walking alone on a snowy, starry night. I was getting very cold when I noticed a crevice between two rocks. Getting onto my belly, I was able to roll myself underground.

I could hear jazz music, and looking around I saw that I was in a sort of underground cafe. Travellers were sitting together in little nooks where they could whisper to each other. They were meeting in their dreams. All around me, people were making mysterious connections, dancing together, remembering each other, telling each other's fortunes. As it is in dreams, sometimes I could feel and recognize someone without being able to see their features. They were veiled in a kind of dream-like mystery.

New dreamers kept entering and leaving, whispering and departing.

I've dreamed myself back there a few times since, and I highly reccomend that you visit.